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Positive visualisation can be used by almost anyone of all ages and can be used in numerous ways. The different areas where you can benefit from positive visualisation include:

Games and sporting competitions can be very stressful. Visualisation sessions can help with:
 Setting and attaining goals
 Boosting self-confidence and self-belief
 Reducing nerves and anxiety
 Improving focus/concentration and reaction times
 Increasing motivation
 Developing, improving and learning techniques/skills

Entertainment/Stage Performance
Performing in front of an audience can be extremely nerve-racking for some people. Things like stage fright, remembering the correct lines or a routine can all be improved with visualisation. Visualisation sessions can help with:
 Improving audition and live performances
 Managing anxiety and stress either before or during a performance
 Boosting confidence thus improve on stage / screen presence
 Rehearsal preparation and learning scripts / lines and routines.

Fitness, Exercise and Training
This takes motivation and perseverance – a certain mindset needs to be adopted and applied. Visualisation sessions can help with:
 Improving focus and concentration
 Increasing motivation.
 Developing endurance, resilience and reaction times
 Perfecting performance including: techniques and movements

Being good in business takes a lot of hard word, discipline and self-belief. Visualisation can help with:
 Managing anxiety and stress that’s work related.
 Increasing self-confidence in the workplace
 Improving attention to detail, motivation, focus/concentration and efficiency
 Developing assertiveness, leadership style, communication skills and creativity
 Planning and meeting both long-term and short-term goals and hitting KPI’s/targets set.

Job interviews
Verbal communication isn’t the only important thing to be aware of during an interview. Things like posture, tone and body language all play a part visualisation can help with:
 Reducing anxiety and nerves prior to/during an interview
 Preparing for a positive performance.
 Building confidence.
 Improving the ability to think more quickly when put on the spot

Public speaking
Public speaking is essential in all walks of life, from school to business. Visualisation can help with:
 Managing the fear associated with speaking in front of others
 Dealing with anxiety and nerves
 Organising thoughts better.
 Developing clarity of speech and improving communication
 Improving memory
 Gaining the confidence to speak anywhere in front of anyone
 Thinking more quickly on the spot

Company pitching/presenting
The ability to present with clarity and sell in an idea / proposition to a crowd takes repetition and practice. Positive visualisation can help with.
 Managing anxiety before and during the pitch / presentation.
 Improving confidence and performance.
 Engaging and communicating with the audience more effectively
 Developing negotiation skills
 Thinking more quickly on the spot

Anxiety and stress before and during competitions / tournaments can impede on training/preparation and lead to a lapse in concentration, judgement and performance on the day. Visualisation can help with:
 Preparing in advance
 Improving skills / technique
 Focusing on the best way to win.
 Channelling emotions and frustrations more positively prior to or during the event.
 Developing confidence
 Building motivation in the lead up to the event
 Regulating mindset and behaviour in advance of or during the event
 Managing fears, nerves and anxieties

Everyday stresses and anxieties can take their toll. Visualisation can help with:
 Calming and relaxing the mind
 Reducing the feeling of anxiety
 Improving mental health
 Switching off and slowing down a racing mind
 Feeling more energised
 imagining escaping to a safe haven or exotic place of paradise
 Unwinding from everyday stresses
 Inducing sleep
 Escaping to a safe haven or favourite destination (in the mind)


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Copyright by Visualvis . All rights reserved.